Thursday, October 20, 2011

The best Presents are Homemade!

(All credit goes to Twinkle Toes Boutique for sharing this idea on her Blog:

I love to hand make presents for family and friends.  It started out with baby blankets for baby showers and it has grown into tutus and now these fun embellished t-shirts for birthday presents for my daughters' friends.  I feel they are more appreciated then anything you can buy at the store, and you put your time and love into the project so it makes me feel good to give as well.  It is also an economical gift, especially if you plan on making more than one.

Here is what I started with to create the above shirt!

Velveteen fabric paint, silver fabric paint, glue stick cap, pencil with eraser
and a marker with thicker cap then  pencil eraser.
I started with a solid color shirt - this one is from Target for $6.99 regular price.
I have a shirt painting board underneath which is coated on one side to prevent sticking.

My first row of beads was done using the white velveteen paint
with the pencil eraser to create the perfect circles.

The 2nd set of beads were done the same way.

I then used the stick glue cap to make the chain using the silver fabric paint.
Once you let dry overnight, set your iron to high with steam and hold about 1-2" above the white circles, the velveteen paint will pucker when the steam hits it, which results in a bumpy pearl/bead-like effect.

I then added one of my handmade vintage flowers for the finishing touch.
I will be pairing this with a pink and purple tutu for the perfect birthday present for a 7 year old!
 Here are some other shirts I have done:
Baby pink onesie with white tulle attached instead of vintage flower.
You can see that this shows up great on pastel colors.
My first shirt with white tulle for my 4 year old.

Turquoise shirt with black and white vintage flower for my 7 year old.
I am thinking of adding another row of silver chain.
Remember the design is up to you and I will keep working to perfect this technique, but I once again thank Twinkle Toes Boutique for sharing this idea.

Happy crafting!

A Family of 5 Having Fun!

Although I am a stay at home mom, I treasure the weekends with my family.  I feel that I can really concentrate on having fun.  On occasion of course my obsessive compulsive side says, "I must clean!" but even if I do, there is ALWAYS time to play!

We like to have fun as a family and free events are sometimes the best events out there.

The DuPage County Safety Fair held in September was one of the best events I have attended, and it was FREE!  As a family, we had the opportunity to tour the DuPage County Jail, watch a helicopter land and view it up close, view and climb into many rescue vehicles, military vehicles, and buses.  We also, had the chance to receive many free items that taught us about safety.

The girls favorite freebie was the Teddy Bears offered from Central DuPage Hospital.  Each Bear had a Boo-boo and got a bandage before they got to come home with their new family.

Our son was excited that he could try on the Fireman's Gear and tour the inside of the truck.  
He could have stayed on the truck all day!

We spent over 4 hours at this event and not one child complained of being hungry or tired!  This was a #1 family event and would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone who loves family fun.