Saturday, July 9, 2011

SuperDad to the Rescue!

Yes, I like to talk about all the things I can accomplish on one of my Supermom Day's, but today, I have to hand it to my husband of almost 11 years.

Today our plan was to visit Navy Pier, and the Children's Museum.  All was going well, until we were finishing up the last few things we hadn't seen yet.  One of them being a climbing apparatus, that looked completely harmless and excited 2 of our 3 kids. 

My 3 year old son running though it with no problem.  My 7 year old wouldn't even try.

My 3 year old son climbed up, then excitedly so did my 4 year old daughter.  My son came out, and my daughter "SCREAMED".  She climbed to the top and froze.  I am sad, I don't have a picture of the cylinder net they used to climb up or a picture of my husband climbing up to get her down.

Yes, SuperDad to the rescue!!!

After about 6 minutes of her screaming and us trying to talk her down, my husband went up for her, and had to take her through the rest of the climbing apparatus to get them both out.
(note where my son is, oh yes, and she was still screaming!)

Reassuring the other visitors that she IS our daughter, I had to calm her from this traumatic experience, to which she responded, "Daddy made me do it!"

Oh, and I don't even think I told him that!

The rest of our visit slowly came to an end as our 3 little kids were giving us signs that they had a full day!

But in all it was a fabulous day at the Pier and here are a few photos to prove it!
Mommy & C

The girls putting out a virtual fire!

This is my cutie who was stuck in the climber!

Daddy and C building!

Loving Sisters!

Being a mom is always a journey,
Take time to enjoy the little things!

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