Monday, January 6, 2014

365 Days of Dinners...sometimes things don't go as planned!

I learned something this weekend that reminds me, I am not perfect.  Life doesn't always go your way.  And I CAN adapt to change.

My 365 days of dinners at home has already gone awry.  

Two meals into my challenge and things were great.  
Day 1: Potato Soup (see previous post)
 Day 2: Pork Chops.

Simple Pork Chops with apples.
Great recipe from Southern Food.  Kids loved it!
Check out link for complete recipe.

Day 3: We went out to the Children's museum, and ended up eating pizza out for lunch, instead of my homemade pizza that was planned for dinner.  Okay, I can adapt, we will just have something else, right?  

Well...My 7 year old decided to stay the night at my mom's.  My 5 year old ate Chef Boyardee mini raviolis.  And by the time we got home from my moms, I let my 9 year old get away with eating banana pudding for dinner, it was cereal for me and left overs for my husband.  

Yes, I was defeated on Day 3.

Then on Day 4, sloppy joes were pushed aside for that homemade pizza.  I was happy, at least I was back on track making something at home!  Later, I found out that no one really ate, but what can I do. (I got to have a night off with a relaxing mom's night out!)

Day 5, I was defeated once again.  I never defrosted our whole chicken for that special Sunday Roast Chicken dinner.  What did I make instead?  Mac n cheese!  


Well, today is Monday...back on track right?  Well, sort of.  I am making dinner at home, however, it is not the planned Spaghetti dinner on my calendar. 

Today, quickly turned into boiled chicken and jasmine rice, as my son's crohns has flared from either his antibiotic or the mac n cheese from last night.  So, cooking plain as possible is the best for his 5 year old tummy.

My kids loved dinner tonight!  Success!

I usually get upset when things don't go as planned, and it takes me a real long time to get over not being perfect, but I am learning.  I am stepping back, letting others help me and finding myself being a little more relaxed and having more time to do stuff I want to do!

Maybe Spaghetti tomorrow?

It will be a surprise to you and me both! (oh yeah, my kids have another day off of school due to the extreme cold.)

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