Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who knew my 7 year old Would Request a Spa Party?

My  daughter came to me as we were trying to brainstorm for her party this past May, and said she wanted a Spa Party.  Being a bit  girly myself I was more than excited to plan for this party.  I had just over 6 weeks to plan, but with the help of my new friend Vicki here is how it turned out!

 I was at Joann Fabrics when I saw Martha Stewart's Tissue Pompom kits, and said to myself, my mom taught me how to make these as a kid!

Decorating was so much fun! My friend Vicki at shared so many great tips to make this party a success, including a lot of the party favors. 

The cupcakes were all me! Swirled the frosting with pink and purple gel and topped with sparkling rings.

Each girl got to take home a make up box! 

And fill it up with lotion,


 bracelets, rings....

Nail polish and lip gloss.

All girls went home feeling glamorous as each one had their hair, make-up and nails done before leaving the party. 

Our Party Game was a version of musical chairs with nail polish (we only had 2 accidents).  All girls sat in a circle, and they passed bottles of nail polish around the circle until the music stopped.  Whoever had the nail polish when the music stopped got to paint one toe nail, we kept going until all the girls had all ten toes painted.  The fun you ask? was each bottle going around was a different color.

And our Craft idea, came from  Although, our gumball necklaces didn't turn out as perfect as the blog, they were all beautiful and smelled great!

My daughter had a fabulous party, and I was clearly exhausted when it was over.  12 little girls went home with smiling faces, and lots of goodies.  I owe many thanks to all who helped me make this day so memorable for my sweet girl, especially my cousins.  Happy 7th Birthday, Ashlynn!

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