Supermom? That's Me! is the ability to believe in yourself as a mom.  As selfless as we can be as we care for our children on a daily basis, we do not get a lunch break, or sick days.  Tensions can rise, stress can build and positive energy can be zapped in an instant, but instead of feeling that you are a "bad" mom or feel that you are alone visit me for a pick me up.  It is okay to laugh at our self or even cry, but knowing that we are not perfect is the first step in becoming a Supermom.  It is really more of a feeling!  There are good days and there are not so good days, but the fact that each day we give it our all to care for our kids, make all of us Supermom.  So the next time, someone asks you, "What do you think you are Supermom?" you can look at them and answer, "Supermom? That's Me!

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