Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mommy Poetry says, "I am really NOT perfect!"

Being a mom is unlike any other job out there.  You don't get an hour off for lunch, and your day begins well before 8 and ends much after 5, but seeing the joy in your kids faces that you are there to share the day with them will always be priceless. 

I love using my creativity as a way to get through my day.  Poetry is just one way that I can do that.  It is usually light, and something I can look back on and laugh although at the time I am sure I was not laughing. 

Below are a few poems, back from January when my son was still in diapers.  All poems are original and may not be duplicated or published without my written consent:

Supermom, I am NOT! 
by Jennifer McCarte (1/4/2011)

I always try to start the day right,
But something happens between morning and night.
The calm tone I have, where nothing could go wrong,
Laughing and goofing and singing kid's songs.
But there is something in the day that always changes me,
So on our fridge is a note you will see.
No Screaming, No Yelling, First Count to 10...
But when I am not home, the disasters begin.
Why I challenge myself to be Number ONE,
The best mom in town, who gets everything done.
Like changing a diaper in the car to save time,
But after today it should be a crime.
There was poop all over, kids were screaming my name,
Ran out of wipes, this wasn't a game.
Although you may think I can do it all,
There are many days, I don't stand as tall.
I believe I am not perfect, but in my family's eyes, I will be
'Cause, I'm doing my best as their Wife and Mommy!

A few days later....I write:

Today was a good day!
by Jennifer McCarte (1/8/2011)

Today was a good day,
A rough one, but good,
I didn't get everything done that I should.
But tomorrow is coming,
A new day for me
To be the best mom, that I want to be!

Having fun with words and sharing with others that feel that they are the only ones who have bad days, is really the fun part of Supermom? That's me!  I know I am not perfect, but I try the best I can to be, and we all have things that we are great at.  I just have the need to be great at them all, and sometimes that is just not possible.  There is so much more to come, so please follow my blog, and look for my Supermom? That's me! group on Facebook, and soon to be it's own page.

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