Monday, July 18, 2011

Family of 5 Weekend!

A Summer Get-a-way is sometimes just what you need to break up the craziness of staying at home with 3 kids. Although our vacation was not all play we did have a lot of fun in Milwaukee, WI.
Our trip was centered around our oldest child of 7 and her love for Irish Dance. A dancer born at the age of 5 to one of the most widely recognized Irish Dance Companies started her journey of competition less than 2 months ago.

Knowing that our daughter would be competing 2 1/2 hours away from home over the course of 2 days, we decided to stay in Milwaukee and enjoy some time together. 

The Milwaukee County Zoo was a must along with 
The Betty Brinn Children's Museum, my new favorite Children's Museum. 

Working as a Mechanic at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum
while the girls filmed a news segment.

Here I am with my son, sorting the mail. 
Yes, my OCD has me sorting it by location.

We enjoyed some indoor swimming at our hotel and went on the Miller Brewery Tour after our daughter's first day of competition.  Since the kids didn't complain about the "beer" tour, they were promised the Jelly Belly Factory on our way home.  We packed a lot of stuff into four days and came home more than exhausted.  But what is most important is the time we spent together.

Back to the competition, our daughter said she had fun.  She danced in two competitions each day, one for her Jig and one for her Reel, two different dances she practices during class and at home.  She loves seeing her friends at these events, especially the older dancers.  Although, she loves the feeling of accomplishment when she receives a medal or ribbon, she didn't place this time.

Photographed with a family friend and Irish dancer.

Her attitude is right on track, when she can shrug her shoulders and say, "Oh well!" to not placing, then go on with her day makes me very proud.  I feel from her first performance at age 5 to her first competition at age 7, she has really grown into an independent young lady.  For my daughter, Irish dancing has really helped to bring out her independence, strength and confidence that will help her though life.

We are all happy to be home or as my 3 year old calls it, "Hotel Home"!

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