Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Make a Tutu

Tutu Workshop #1 – Original workshop on April 21, 2011

by Jennifer McCarte     

1” non-roll elastic

6 yards of tulle (netting)

Needle and Thread or sewing machine

1.      Measure child’s waist or use approximate chart below for sizing:


1-3 years
18” will stretch to 21”
4-6 years
20” will stretch to 23”
7-9 years
22” will stretch to 25”

2.      Measure elastic and add 1” to allow for stitching waistband.

3.      Make a circle with your elastic and overlap 1”.  Pin or hold to stitch.

4.     Use sewing machine or needle and thread to secure elastic band.

5.      Put aside.

6.     Lay out your tulle (netting) on a hard surface (for ease of cutting keep folded in half).

7.     Cut 4-5” strips from the tulle until you have cut ALL of the tulle.

8.      Now cut each strip on the fold line to make 2 pieces.  You will have a lot of tulle strips.

9.      Now you are ready to assemble your tutu.

10.  Take your elastic band and one tulle strip.  Tie strip onto elastic band with a double knot.

11.  Continue with the next strip, and so on, until you have your desired fullness for your tutu.

12.  Add accent pieces if desired for a one of a kind look.

13.  If needed you may trim the bottom of the tutu so all of the tulle lengths are even.  This I just eyeball, there is no right or wrong way to wear your tutu.

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