Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jonamac Orchard - Because Everyone Needs to go Apple Picking

There is nothing like Apple Picking with your family.  Yummy fresh apples! 
It is even more fun when you add friends to an already fun day!!!

A journey to Jonamac Orchard in Malta, IL left smiles on the faces of everyone!

Supermom's family of 5!

Tasting the Apples is the best part of getting to pick your own!

Mr. C and his Apple (he ate it all the way to the core)!

We didn't only pick Apples we also got to play!

And Feed the Animals!
Before my little princess freaked out!

It is always safe to feed the smallest goat!

Straight to the donkey!

We Bounced!
And attempted to find some shade!

From Apples to Animals, Bouncing to Bales of Hay,
Playing in Corn, on Bikes and Slides the kids had a Great Day! 

Once a year we journey with our friends to Jonamac Orchard for some fun and most of all APPLES.  They have a fabulous country store with Apple donuts, Taffy Apples, Fudge, Gifts and more!  They are reasonably priced for a full day of fun.  There is plenty to do for kids of all ages and I would recommend checking it out!

Where to next?  In October The Pumpkin Farm! 

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