Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Hanging Around Being Supermom!

Each day I wake up and find myself on a new journey.  Whether I am having a Rockstar day or fueling myself with caffeine just to keep up with my kids, I do not stop until my kids are in bed.

Being a stay at home mom of 3, I find that the only way I can stay organized is with calendars and lists.
Between having 1 child in school full-time, 1 child in school 3 days a week, and my 3rd with me all day is just the start of how my days really go.

With school, activities and a part-time a babysitting job, I rarely find time to sit down, unless I am driving somewhere of course. 

Once the kids have been tended to, then I work on all of the events that I have volunteered for.  I love being involved and doing it at my own will, unlike a job that you have to attend when they tell you to.  Volunteering, I feel a sense of being in control of my schedule and participating when I can.  So when you see me on the PTS/PTA Board, Teaching Religious Ed classes, or Running Large Church or School events, don't be surprised. 

I am filled with many ideas that I love to share, and my husband just rolls his eyes when I attempt to add something else to my already busy schedule.  He begs me to say "NO!" but although I try to, I get suckered in and it comes out "Yes!"  I am someone who loves a challenge.

I just finished running our Church picnic this past weekend, and it really kept me going.  When our Picnic Committees all seemed to bow out with 2 weeks to the picnic, my running went into overdrive and I had to step up even more to make this event a success.  It always works out when you put your mind to something and follow through.  I am proud of my efforts and delighted that the picnic WAS a success!

We borrowed the Popcorn Machine from our Local Bank.

We sold Ice Cream Sundaes and Sno Cones

We even offered Hot Dog Meals for those who didn't bring a picnic lunch.

Our Cake Walk is always our most popular game.
C won a huge tray of Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The Bartlett Fire Department (Station 2) came to celebrate with us, allowed us to tour the truck, try on gear,
 and joined us for a prayer in remembering those affected by 9/11.

We all sent our Prayers to Heaven (tucked inside of a balloon).

We watched them until they floated into the clouds!

Higher and Higher!

At the end of the picnic, after clean up, I got home and just dropped.  I know what exhaustion feels like, and a nap was in order along with an early bedtime.  The next day I took a mental health day, and didn't work on anything, but the next day, I woke up ready to start working on the next thing that I have involved myself in.  My husband is supportive in everything I do, and although he hates to see me in Go GO GO Mode, in other words "stressed"!  He just goes along with it and tries to talk me out of doing it again next year!

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