Thursday, January 2, 2014

Star Wars Party

So LUCKY for me, my kids LOVE having parties at HOME!

And lucky for me, my son's birthday is in the Summer!

But I don't know a thing about Star Wars!

So with a lot of research, prepping and calling in reinforcements, 
a Jedi Training Party was held at our home!

Started with the invite and we invited all of the boys in our son's preschool class!
At the same time, we asked for Jedi help from my younger cousin, my husband and brother in law!

Next, was prepping.  
We needed medals, robe, light sabers of course and a plan of action!

Below are the items I used to complete the Medals 
that were awarded at the end of the Jedi Training!

I printed out pictures, cut them with a 1' circle punch and used clear hot glue to assemble.

These were a big hit.

 Robes were made easily out of some brown fabric that I cut about 18" - 22" wide 
and free hand cut a "V" for the neck hole.  Later we added some rope to tie at the waist.

Now for some fun.  Thank goodness this party was in the summer, because where else would I have found pool noodles any other time.  (The Dollar Tree).  I used my bread knife to cut the pool noodles in half to make these perfectly sized "Light Sabers".  With a little Duct Tape, and electrical tape, and my husband's help we had these done fairly quick!

Yes a lot of behind the scenes work went into this party!

But on the day of the party was when it all came together!

Decorating for the party was pretty easy.  I used the Jedi font and printed out the banner.
I used back card stock to attach it too.  The Storm trooper head belongs to my son.
 I found giant bags of Star wars fruit snacks at Walmart.
Darth Vader is a pinata and the table cloth I over spent on, but it does look great!

Also, The food had to be themed!

We had Wookie Cookies (chocolate Teddy Grahams)
Light Sabers (Pretzels dipped in Red and Green candy melts, wrapped in foil)
Princess Lays (Lays potato chips)
Galatic Cheese ball (cream cheese and cheddar cheese blended and formed into a ball)
Yoda Soda (Green sherbet mixed with sprite)
The light sabers on table were made out of a large glowstick and duct tape.

Then the guests arrived! and the training began!

As the young Padawans arrived, they were given a robe, and a mission to defeat Darth Vadar by the end of the training.

Not Pictured: We practiced mind control with a light up ball and some Star Wars music 
(like hot potato) - Everyone earned a Star Wars fruit snack.

Next, we needed to know our enemy (Darth Vadar).  

The Padawans used silly string to practice there defeat to earn their light sabers.

Next, with light sabers in hand, we had a light saber training course with helium filled balloons. 

Next, we were ready for some endurance training with an obstacle course.
Each child went through the obstacle course with Yoda on their back.
1. stepping mats for balance
2. through the tube
3. hanging from bar strength
4. back and forth through cones for quick foot work.
Time for some treats!

Finally, it was time to defeat Darth Vadar

 Each Padawan was given a 
Certificate of Completion to say they were now a Jedi.

One Happy Jedi!

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Jedi Knight!

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