Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

Happy New Year!  I am really looking forward to great things happening in 2012!

I have already started making mental lists of what I want to accomplish.  Would I call them resolutions?  Not so sure!  But for now, I am going to make the biggest committment to enjoy time with my family!

I think a goal of growing closer to each one of my kids and my husband would be the greatest resolution of all!  I purchased, The "I LIKE BOOK" ( for each one of my kids and I am going to start each one tonight at bedtime.  I hope the kids find it a memorable book to show them how much each one of them mean to me and my husband.  I so wish I picked up the couples book too!

I am also challenging myself to COOK!  Something I don't dislike doing, but it is so easy to eat out, and when you eat out, everyone gets what they like!  I started my challenge yesterday at the grocery store, by picking out healthy meal options and I even started my meal planning and made Chicken Soup from scratch today!  I have the leftover chicken cut up and ready to turn into Chicken a la king and we will have Cabbage Rolls later in the week. 

I encourage you to join me as I start posting recipes, organizing tips and how to get through your day like a Supermom!  What do you want to learn? do? or accomplish in 2012?

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