Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Learning to Cook from my Mom!

There are always those meals that you remember your mom cooking more than once when you were young.  These are the meals that you want to make for your family too!  So as a part of my 2012 Goal of Cooking More and Eating Out Less, I am resorting to family favorites to start out my year right!

I am also happy to share what I can here, so maybe you can find your family a favorite too!

My first Home Cooked Meal of 2012 was Chicken Soup and Kluski (Polish Dumplings):

The Soup was as simple as putting a whole chicken, water and vegetables and spices into a pot and letting it simmer for a couple hours, which left the chicken falling off of the bone!  (To which I am using for Chicken a la King for tonight's dinner.)

How to make Kluski:

 1 /2 bag Flour (approx. 5 1/2-6 cups)
1 teaspon Salt (can add additional salt afterwards to taste)
1 TBS Baking Powder
 2 Eggs
Milk (enough to make dough tacky/sticky)


Boil water in a Large Pot.

Combine all ingredients and stir in enough milk, to make mixture tacky/sticky. 
I use a fork to stir the ingredients together, but a wooden spoon will work too.

Once all ingredients are combined to a sticky texture and your pot of water is boiling, you can start dropping the mixture into the boiling water by tablespoons or teaspoons if you would like smaller dumplings.

You may have to stir the dumplings inbetween dropping them into the water.  They will begin to float, but keep dropping your mixture until you have used all of it. 

Continue boiling, give your dumplings a stir and start timing for 10-15 minutes or so based on the size of dumplings you are making.  Continue frequently stiring your dumplings or they will boil over.

Strain and rinse.  Put in your favorite soup!
(I love to munch on these with just a little salt to taste on top!)

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