Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Rules?

I am sure there are many parents who have the power struggle of dinner time.  For years I have let my kids dictate what we will eat for dinner.  And it generally it revolves around Pizza, McDonald's, cereal, boiled chicken or buttered noodles. 

Yes, eating out has taken a toll on our pocket book, not including our waistline, but it seems so easy to just let everyone order what they like. 

For a while, I have just chosen not to cook, just because all of my effforts are discarded once the dinner reaches the table.  When you take the time to make a warm healthy meal and place it on the table for the kids to say, "I'm not eating THAT!" is hurtful, and it bothers me how much food is wasted.

Well, a part of my New Year's Resolution of Cooking More and Eating Out Less, I have also included, "This is all you are getting, so eat it or be hungry!"  Mind you I am not making anything that is disgusting or inedible.  I am also placing alternate options on the table, such as raw veggies (since my kids don't like them cooked), and usually some sort of bread.

Although, I am only 2 days into my eat it or be hungry, I am going to stick with it and see if I can broaden my children's sense of Food Adventure.

I will keep everyone posted as I continue on this Cooking Journey, and will share recipes that I think others will enjoy, tomorrow Cabbage Rolls!

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