Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School Countdown! (Day #23)

Spending the day with Great-Grandma!

Anytime that the kids have to spend with their 87 year old Great-Grandma is Special time.  They really enjoy visiting one another.  Our general routine with Grandma is picking her up to go to Oak Mill Bakery.  She picks out some dessert and we get a treat too!

We go out for lunch, usually McDonald's (because the have a Playplace), but today she had a lunch date so we took her grocery shopping instead.  It's always fun to see what other people buy at the grocery store. 

The kids love dancing in her living room, and look for candy she usually leaves out.  Oh, and Great-Grandma always gives them $1.00, just like she gave me when I was little.

Since Great-Grandma already had lunch plans, our plans changed a little and we had lunch with my husband, we went to the mall so we could ALL pick out what WE wanted to eat.  My 7 year old chose Subway, while my 4 year old picked a hot dog and fries, and my son had nuggets at McDonald's. 

My son started to reach meltdown mode shortly after lunch, so back to work my husband went and we moved on to let my son take a short nap on our way to Irish Dance.

We had a nice day out visiting Great-Grandma, but tomorrow we will be staying home...we have a playdate!  Check out my blog tomorrow, to see what we are making for a lunch-time playdate!

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