Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun day for Dad!

Saturday was Brian's Birthday!  It was an exhausting day because we were out late for the fireworks the night before, but we took in as much activity that we could handle and had a fabulous time!

Homemade cards and wrapping paper for Daddy's Birthday!
We started out the First Saturday of the Month at Home Depot (Bartlett, IL) for the Kids Free Workshop!  We go so often they know us by name.  The kids are getting old enough now to complete the projects with very little assistance, and what a proud moment for them when they can say, "Look what I made!" and mean it!
Pencil boxes made by the girls at Home Depot!

My Son's Pencil Box!

My husband suggested Mini Golf at Putting Edge (Schaumburg).  So we surprised the kids by not telling them where we were going until we got there.  I unfortunately left my camera at home for this excursion, but the photos I took with my phone didn't turn out well due to the lighting anyway.  It was the first time we went glow golfing at this location.  It was nice that we were there just as they opened so we could take our time on the course.  3 excited kids can be a handful when they are holding golf clubs and balls!

Since we were in Schaumburg we had to take Brian to his favorite pizza place, Barnaby's  Family Inn!  Known for their super thin and crispy pizza.  They offer a Family deal for just under $20, that includes 1 Large pizza (one topping), 1 appetizer, and a pitcher or soda.  It is enough to feed our family of 5 with some extras to take home.

Oh, and you know you can't be in Schaumburg without stopping in IKEA.  Plus, the kids got FREE frozen yogurt, for strolling around the store looking for stamps to spell IKEA.

By the time we got home, we needed a little time to relax, and make the cake. 

My husband agreed on a Vanilla Pound cake! Served with Ice Cream!

We then had a simple dinner and Birthday Cake and ice cream.

Yes, that is Magic Shell on the ice cream (at my hubby's request)!

It was a long day, but very eventful!  I hope my husband had a great day, I know the kids and I did!

Happy Birthday, Brian!

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