Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where is my cape?

I so often forget, why I am called Supermom!  The past few days have gone by so fast, I swear I am wearing a cape and flying.  I have been on the go from one activity to the next, unable to sit down and gather my thoughts!  By the evening, when I usually update my blog, I have been too exhausted. 

First, I want to make it clear that we as mom's get tired, feel like giving up, and wonder if we are doing the best for our family, while the one thing we usually forget about is our self. 

When we don't have an opportunity to enjoy some of the things we did before we were married or had kids, I believe that we loose our identity and become "just a mom". I get involved in so many activities to help others, I have often forgot about myself.  Yes, I love my family, and volunteering, but I also enjoy some time just for me, I just didn't know it until recently.

When I became a SAHM 7 years ago, I gave up all of the activities that I loved, for a new love...My Daughter!  It was all about her, and I would do anything to make her feel like a princess, through colic and all.  2 1/2 years later her sister was born, and now I had 2 beautiful little girls to care for.  Which meant I was twice as busy taking care of them.  But when my son was born in 2008, 3 kids did something to me to flip a switch.  I no longer needed to be their ONLY caregiver, quite honestly, I NEEDED a Break!  I needed something that was "Me".  So when my son was just 8 weeks old, I had a calling to run our church picnic, because it is just something I love to do.  I love to organize and plan and decorate and it made me feel important in a different way then being "just a mom".  This is where Supermom really began.

I started taking on one thing after the other, and as I would tell people what I had planned for the day, they would ask me, "What do you think you are Supermom?"  Well, I hadn't thought of it that way, but if people really thought that, I better be the best damn mom out there.  That's when I started doing it all!

I take pride in being a woman who can multi-task effectively, but often I barely finish one thing and I am onto the next.  I really have to find time to put my calendar on my phone so it can send me reminders throughout the day.  You know 3 kids screaming doesn't help when you are trying to remember where you were going and what time you needed to be there. 

I find myself involved in quite a few projects.  I love the feeling of urgency.  The need to get something together quickly yet perfectly gives me a rush and a sense of accomplishment.

Being this year's VP of our school's PTA, Chairperson for our church picnic, Class Chair for my daughters' Irish dance class, a mom of 3 and wife of one supportive husband, I still find time to do things that I love.  I never said I am perfect, and I never said my kids are perfect, but some days I CAN DO IT ALL!  And it is the day's that I can't that make me a stronger woman and a Supermom!

Take time to think about what you used to love before you got married or had kids. Is it something that you could reintroduce into your life to give yourself a little pick me up once in a while? Everyone knows you love your kids, but you will love them more when you find some time for you.

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