Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School Countdown! (Day #24)

Join me as we count down the days until school starts for my very soon to be 2nd grader.  With 3 kids, the days go by very quickly, which means I don't have much time left to fill the rest of the summer with playdates, crafts, and outings.

I needed a fun way for the kids to countdown the days until school starts and schedule things we still want to do during Summer break.  So I have had this pretzel box lying around just waiting to be used until today!

So we made a Back to School Bus!

It has numbers counting down from 24-13 on one side.

And numbers 12-1 on the other.
 Each day we will pull off a number starting at 24 and work our way down to 1.  Along with the bus, we made a list of 24 activities that will keep us busy until the first day of school.  I originally was going to just decorate the bus and put slips of paper inside for us to pull each day, but I like to see all of our choices, so we can plan accordingly if weather does not cooperate or playdates get cancelled.

I am not going to show you the list because it may change, but some of the things we will be doing this month could be anything from visiting a local farm to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables, making crayons, visiting our Great Grandma, and hosting a back to school craft party.  Keep in touch to find out what we will be doing tomorrow!  As a mom of 3, it is always a journey, with a big reward at the end!  3 Happy Kids and 1 Tired Mom!

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