Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friends, Fun & Fireworks

What is better than a day spent with friends?  A day spent with Best Friends!  Who knew that 2 newborn babies would create a bond of friendship that would last a lifetime.
Best friends at 18 months!

Best friends at 7 years old! (only 3 weeks apart)

Friends are forever and sharing a tradition, such as a parade filled with lights and sirens of emergency vehicles, a festival and fireworks, is a day to remember. 
(Especially, when it is in your old neighborhood where you and your best friend met.)
The kids have been waiting all week for the Lights and Sirens Parade we try to attend each year. There is something about flashing lights and loud blaring sirens that get the kids hyped up, not to mention staying up past their bedtime and seeing fireworks.
2 Adults + 2 Kids + 2 Adults + 3 Kids = A PERFECT FRIENDSHIP!
The parade kicked off on time, and all the kids were excitedly awaiting the first vehicle.  Unfortunately, the parade ended abruptly when the vehicles started backing up with no where to go.

It didn't stop the kids from having fun, there was a Festival on the other side of the road.  Games and face painting was high on the kids list, next to the rides which we somehow were able to avoid.  Six kids at $4 per pony ride and $2 to ride everything else was not going to fair well with us adults.
I purposely gave my child the blue ring pop!  It eventually washed off!
4 out of 5 kids wanted their face painted!

With a band playing the kids were entertained, and we avoided all rides!  Hurray!!
We headed back to the car for drinks and snacks. The adults chatted while the kids watched a movie in the car, awaiting the fireworks and avoiding the mosquitoes.  I lucked out with only 2 bites and all 3 of my kids were bite-free!  Hurray again!!!
The other 2 best friends (only 3 months apart) watching Curious George!
As the Fireworks began, so did the clapping.  I wondered, what happen to the
"OOOhhhh's and AAAhhhh's" when I used to see fireworks as a kid? 
But as long as we all had a great time that was all that mattered to me.
Surprised the kids made it until 9:30pm for the Fireworks!

I love my family, and treasure our friends, so I know this will be an ongoing tradition.  I can't wait to post pictures when our babies turn 18!!!!  Then again, I am fine with them staying little!

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